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To All Rifle Sportsman’s Club Members;

  It has come to my attention that during the course of the past few weeks, that there have been a number of club members, which will remain nameless, that have taken it upon themselves to voice their un-warranted negative opinions in regards to the current temporary closure of the RSC range. 

  Despite what some may think, there were very good reasons for the temporary closure of the range. Through  numerous, various channels, I have heard everything from  “there’s no need to have the range closed because there’s not enough vegetation for anything to catch fire” to my favorite “this is an infringement of my 2nd Amendment rights". 

  "I am here today to inform all RSC club members that these false allegations couldn’t be further from the truth. You all need to take into account the amount of fires that we have had locally just here in western Colorado during the summer, not to mention the number of fires in the entire western region of the United States. Common sense would dictate that all members of the Rifle Sportsman’s Club do their part in helping the club as a whole, to avoid any unwanted liability that would pertain to a fire that could be started from shooting. 

  This has been an incredibly hot and dry summer. No question about it. Being the property owner, I usually don’t like to intervene in club business. To me, I’m nothing more than another RSC member, except for the fact that I own the property that the club has used for years. With that being said, I have tried to stay out of this current situation concerning club member grievances in regards to the current fire bans and level 2 restrictions imposed by Garfield County. 

  I am here to inform you all, that it was my decision and my decision alone, to temporarily close the RSC range, in order to show forethought, prudence, and safety, concerning the current level 2 fire ban that has been in effect for some time. I am sorry for the members that don’t understand this as well as not understanding the level of liability that is involved. I would also like to mention the fact that I do not appreciate the handful of RSC members that have taken it upon themselves to ridicule RSC club officers. I will not stand for this. These gentlemen did exactly what I asked them to do. If any of you wish to point fingers, complain or ridicule any of the decisions concerning the temporary range closure of daily usage, then you need to address your complaints to me and to me alone, not the club officers. I would be more than happy to deal with any of your issues for the closure. Just keep in mind, that I always have only the best of intentions in decisions concerning the RSC range.

  Now for the good news; I was recently informed that sometime between August 30th and August 31st, that Garfield County will supposedly withdraw the current level 2 restrictions for fire bans down to a level 1. I have already informed some of the club officers that if this does indeed happen and it is official in black and white, then it is my intention to re-open RSC club daily usage, but with certain restrictions. For the time being, the restrictions would include a total ban on tracer and steel core ammunition, until further notice. I have also conveyed to club officers that there needs to be proper signage at the range, stating the ammunition restrictions before we re-open the range as well.  I would also expect all clubmembers to adhere to these restrictions. If there are any club members that have a problem with this, then please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience so that I may convey the same information to you, either over the phone or face to face. Either way makes no difference to me. 

  With that being said, if for some unforeseen reason that there are any club members that feel the need to bypass or blatantly disregard the rules and ammo restrictions that have been imposed on their own accord, and are caught doing so, then I will have no other choice but to convene with the RSC club officers and revoke club memberships from those who wish to infringe upon the restrictions. 

  I know that some of you may feel that this may be a bit harsh, but considering the situation and the threat of liability, this is the only way to ensure the future of the Rifle Sportsman’s Club for the next generations of shooters to come. In the end, we all need to be on board together so that we can all enjoy our love for shooting. 

  If you should have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. RSC club officers have my contact information. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Dan Snyder
Property owner/ RSC member.

The range will reopen to all members 

approximately 12:00 Saturday right after

 the long range shoot has completed!!

Please remember the restrictions put in place by the landowner!!

 The Rifle Sportsmen's club officers wish to thank all members for their cooperation and  understanding while the range was closed! 

Again Thank you!! Enjoy the range and please be safe!

feel free to contact me on the range phone 970-665-8479 or e mail me at info@riflegunclub.com

Brian Perkins


Membership Information:

The Rifle Sportsmen's Club is a private non-profit organization dedicated to preserving shooting sports in our community.  You must be a member in good standing to access the Club outside of sanctioned Club events.  The Rifle Sportsmen's Club is an NRA affiliated club and members are required to have a current membership with the NRA.  Potential members should have a sponsor (current member), or qualifying criteria if new to the area, and a valid and current NRA membership number.         The annual membership fee for 2018 is $150. For more membership rules and information, click here.  To apply for membership or renew a lapsed membership, click here. 


             The 2018 gate code will be set up in the gate JANUARY 20th. The 2017 gate code will be removed JANUARY 27th!!

                   Any members who haven't submitted the Release of Liability form  WILL NOT be receiving the new gate code.

                                                                    EVERYONE must have one on file!!

                                            Please print, legibly sign and mail to PO Box 944 or drop off at any event

                                                                         RSC Release of Liability Form.pdf 


Important Gate Info:

There may be issues with the automatic gate not functioning due to power outages or mechanical issues.  Please note that the main gate may be manually opened with the silver pad lock, which has the same 4-digit code as the keypad.  As an alternative, there is an emergency green gate just to the east of the main gate, also with a silver pad lock on it.  You may enter or leave the range via this green gate if the main gate will not open.  Again, the combo is the same as the 4-digit keypad access code. 

In summary, should you become locked in or out of the range, look for either of the two silver pad locks and use the same code as the keypad.  

NOTE: The gold pad lock is for the land owner and his authorized personnel only and should not be tampered with.   

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    Range Location: North of Hwy 13 & Fravert Rd. - Rifle, CO 81650

    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 944, Rifle, CO 81650.

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