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! Here is the RSC range closure policy as pertaining to fire restrictions !


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Garfield County Fire Restrictions - Range Closure Policy

This range closure policy will work in concert with the fire restriction stages implemented by the Garfield

County Sheriff’s Office and local fire authorities. As the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office introduces and

escalates fire restriction stages 1 thru 3, the Rifle Sportsmen’s Club (RSC) will increasingly limit activities

at the RSC range in the following manner:

The use of tracer and Incendiary ammunition is prohibited on RSC range property at all times!

Garfield County Stage 1 Fire Restrictions – The use of all bi-metal jacket, steel jacket, and steel core

ammunition on RSC range property is prohibited.

Garfield County Stage 2 Fire Restrictions – The use of all bi-metal jacket, steel jacket, and steel core

ammunition on RSC range property is prohibited. The RSC range will close to public and private use with

the exception of scheduled matches and events approved by the Executive Committee and supervised

by a member of the Executive Committee or an RSC Range Safety Officer. The RSC will attempt to open

the range one day a week for general use by the membership under the supervision of an Executive

Committee member or RSC Range Safety Officer.

Garfield County Stage 3 Fire Restrictions – The RSC range property will be closed for all uses.

When Garfield County fire restriction stages are lowered, the RSC range use limitations will reduce


The Rifle Sportsmen’s Club has adopted this range closure policy in an effort to balance responsible

stewardship of its range property, the safety of our community, and the recreational needs of its

membership. The RSC Executive Committee in consultation with the land owner defined in our ground

lease reserves the right to alter this policy at any time without notice.

Adopted this _11th day of April, 2019 by the RSC Executive Committee


Kelly Davidson, Secretary

RSC Fire Restriction Range Closure Policy - Approved 04112019.pdf

Membership Information:

The Rifle Sportsmen's Club is a private non-profit organization dedicated to preserving shooting sports in our community.  You must be a member in good standing to access the Club outside of sanctioned Club events.  The Rifle Sportsmen's Club is an NRA affiliated club and members are required to have a current membership with the NRA.  Potential members should have a sponsor (current member), or qualifying criteria if new to the area, and a valid and current NRA membership number.         The annual membership fee for 2019 is $150. For more membership rules and information, click here.  To apply for membership or renew a lapsed membership, click here. 


             The 2019 gate code will be set up in the gate JANUARY 20th. The 2018 gate code will be removed JANUARY 27th!!

                   Any members who haven't submitted the Release of Liability form  WILL NOT be receiving the new gate code.

                                                                    EVERYONE must have one on file!!

                                            Please print legibly, sign and mail to PO Box 944 or drop off at any event


                                                                         RSC Release of Liability Form.pdf 

2019 Mike Grimm Honorary Scholarship

         Here is the link to the 2019 scholarship application. Please pay close attention to the instructions!

2019 Mike Grimm Honorary Scholarship Application.pdf

This is the link to the Colorado Parks & Wildlife range

West Rifle Public Shooting Range

Operated by the CPW
Grand Junction Office
(970) 255-6100



feel free to contact me on the range phone 970-665-8479 or e mail me at info@riflegunclub.com

Brian Perkins


Upcoming Events:

Important Gate Info:

There may be issues with the automatic gate not functioning due to power outages or mechanical issues.  Please note that the main gate may be manually opened with the silver pad lock, which has the same 4-digit code as the keypad.  As an alternative, there is an emergency green gate just to the east of the main gate, also with a silver pad lock on it.  You may enter or leave the range via this green gate if the main gate will not open.  Again, the combo is the same as the 4-digit keypad access code. 

In summary, should you become locked in or out of the range, look for either of the two silver pad locks and use the same code as the keypad.  

NOTE: The gold pad lock is for the land owner and his authorized personnel only and should not be tampered with.   

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